Cambridge Micro Engineering provides its clients with a wide range of quality engineering services, which enables them to develop their concept and to release the product's full potential.

Concept modelling services allows the client to explore and expand product ideas without the commitment to full product development, whilst CME's ability to develop those models into an integrated product development which addresses all design aspects covering functionality, cost, manufacturing and design longevity.

CME's services aim to design precise and cost effective product, meeting the client's market requirements, whilst offering 100% compliance testing to functional, regulatory and non-regulatory requirements.

CME provides clients with a wide range of services, including concept modelling, product specification, project management, electronics design, software design, CAD for PCB and mechanical design, compliance engineering, production engineering, production test equipment, design support and product training.

Concept Modelling

concept modelling

Even brilliant design concepts can start off as just vague notions, often requiring design skills from both the client and external design resources to bring it to fruition.

CME has assisted many clients over the years to take the most basic idea and realise concept models, both hard and soft, allowing the client to evolve the design.

This evolution is often needed to address issues such as funding, resourcing, patenting and marketing, without the need for full product development.

Product Specification and Project Management

Product Specification

product specification

Taking a product concept and generating a precise, quantifiable specification against which a design can be validated and verified is often a non-trivial exercise.

Many products can trace their problems and failures back to an inadequate product specification generated during development. Having a clear understanding of the client's product requirements, as well as the relevant technology, is vital in producing a specification that can be realised, rather than just envisaged.

CME works with the client's marketing, sales, development and production resources, together with CME's own resources, to pool all relevant product knowledge to achieve as clear and precise a product specification as possible.

Project Management

project management

Having generated a clear specification, an accurate and realistic development project plan is necessary to deliver the product design in a timely manner, and to budget.

The project plan is a pivotal tool in co-ordination with the client's internal and external resources: a well-implemented project plan not only saves the client time, but is also essential in the coordination of non-development activities such as marketing and sales.

Working with the client, CME can generate, or assist in the generation of, a detailed project plan, which is not only agreed at commission, but is updated and reviewed constantly throughout the development cycle.

Electronics and Software Design

Electronics Design


CME's core of experience is in the design and development of microcontroller based electronics.

These range from the smallest 8-bit microcontroller interfaces to fully embedded 32-bit systems running Real Time Operating Systems and applications; from low power hand-held battery powered instruments to embedded PC-based systems management and control terminals.

CME's design process identifies the most appropriate, efficient and cost effective microcontroller solution available to the client and provides the full design and development process necessary to develop the product.

Software Design

software design

In order to deliver high quality product, no microcontroller based design can afford to be without efficient, well-defined, well-implemented software. The key to providing such software is the software requirements analysis (SRA) which CME can perform or assist the client to do so.

CME's own software solutions have proved themselves time and time again in real-life applications, in robustness, adaptability, and maintainability, utilising a range of bespoke and customised operating systems, languages and platforms.

CAD design and Compliance Engineering

CAD for PCB and Mechanical Design

cad for pcb and mechanical design

CME designs all its own PCBs and PCB related mechanical assemblies in-house.

Close control over the CAD process allows the generation of rapid and accurate PCB designs, cross-referenced with mechanical, EMC and environmental parameter models, within the development process.

Our main design platforms are Allegro PCB and CADSTAR, allowing us to interface with almost any manufacturing and process tool or system.

Compliance Engineering

compliance engineering

Product compliance engineering is often the forgotten discipline in many electronic product developments today.

Re-engineering required to meet even the basic regulatory requirements can be very costly, and has been the demise of many a potentially viable product.

CME ensures that all the relevant regulatory and non-regulatory requirements are addressed as part of the products specification.

Moreover, CME provides the expertise and experience to ensure the product is designed to meet these requirements from the very start, requirements such as safety (HV, SELV, and TNV devices), EMC, environmental (including extended life and environmental stress testing) and telecommunications.

Production Engineering and Test Equipment

Production Engineering

production engineering

Once designed, even the best products need to be manufactured well to meet their full potential.

CME can assist the client in identifying, approving and supporting manufacturing facilities, be it contract manufacturers or the client's own manufacturing resource.

CME has worked with many contract manufacturers and is able to refer clients to the most suitable facility, and to assist the client in establishing production facilities from very early on in the development process.

Production Testing

production test equipment

All CME products are "designed for test", and many larger scale manufacturers provide the ability to generate bespoke production testing and In-Circuit Test (ICT) facilities. CME works closely with either the client's own production facilities or Contract Electronics Manufacturers (CEM) to achieve optimum test coverage and performance.

However, where this is not available, or impractical, CME is able to design both small and large-scale product test equipment, optimised to the client requirements, or to work with the client's production facilities to provide a customisation of existing facilities.

Design Support and Training

Design Support

circuit board

CME provides warranty on all of its design and services, providing the client with design support from the engineers that know the product best.

CME also offers Service Level Agreements on its designs to provide clients with longevity support and future development resources tailored to the client's requirement.

Product Training

product training

CME staff are able to provide product training, whether to client customer support staff, or to production personnel.

Detailed knowledge of the client product requirements and the product's design and production processes, make CME ideally suited to provide this service.