Cambridge Micro Engineering (CME) was established in 1988 to provide electronics design consultancy in embedded microprocessor and microcontroller based products. Since then, CME has grown into a team of experienced and talented design engineers providing product design and compliance engineering expertise to meet a wide range of client requirements.

CME is almost unique in providing a design service that covers not only the electronic and software development, but can address all the compliance engineering aspects of the product, including all electrical, mechanical, environmental aspects, both for the European markets and overseas.

Whilst many of CME’s clients have direct experience of electronics and embedded systems, some clients will have detailed knowledge about their own technologies and markets but limited knowledge of electronics and software. CME’s capacity to address the whole product requirements place it in the enviable position of being able to provide design consultancy aimed at the whole product, not just the electronics and software. CME is therefore able to support the client from design concept right the way through to the end-of-life, as well as delivering electronic and software that work.

Client specific product development accounts for over 80% of our core business. Products in which CME have been involved with range from embedded industrial control systems, medical equipment and avionics to low-powered handheld monitors and consumer smart phone accessories. Client markets include medical, entertainment services, environmental control and monitoring, communication monitoring and control, telecommunication test, agriculture, welding and weld research, voice recognition, data logging and many others. CME solutions have proven themselves time and time again in real-life applications, in innovative, robust, adaptable, and maintainable designs.

CME also generates its own reference designs and licenses these designs to OEMs and third party distributors. Our portfolio includes microcontroller development platforms, embedded communications devices, embedded web-server and client platforms, microcontroller based monitoring and test equipment.

CME’s mission therefore is to provide a high quality electronics design service with a responsive, dedicated team of experienced engineers.

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