Product Specification

Taking a product concept and generating a precise, quantifiable specification against which a design can be validated and verified is often a non-trivial exercise.

Many products that succeed can trace that success back to an clear and precise product specification. Having a clear understanding of the client’s product requirements, as well as the relevant technology, is vital in producing a specification that can be realised, rather than just envisaged.

CME works with the client’s marketing, sales, development and production resources, together with CME’s own resources, to pool all relevant product knowledge to achieve as clear and precise a product specification as possible.

Project Management

Having generated a clear specification, an accurate and realistic development project plan is necessary to deliver the product design in a timely manner, and to budget.

The project plan is a pivotal tool in co-ordination with the client’s internal and external resources: a well-implemented project plan not only saves the client time, but is also essential in the coordination of non-development activities such as marketing and sales.

Working closely with the client, CME can help the client to generate a detailed realistic project plan, which is not only agreed at commission, but is updated and reviewed constantly throughout the development cycle.

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