Electronics Design

CME’s core of experience is in the design and development of microcontroller-based electronic systems.

These range from the smallest microcontroller interfaces to fully embedded 32-bit systems running Real Time Operating Systems and applications; from low power hand-held battery powered instrument, industrial control systems, through to consumer targeted products.

CME’s design process identifies the most appropriate, efficient and cost effective design solution available to the client and provides the full design and development process necessary to develop the product.

Software Design

In order to deliver high quality product, no microcontroller based design can afford to be without efficient, well-defined, well-implemented embedded software. The key to providing such software is the software requirements analysis which CME can perform or assist the client to do so.

CME’s own software solutions have proved themselves time and time again in real-life applications, in robustness, adaptability, and maintainability, utilising a range of bespoke and customised operating systems, languages and platforms.

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